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Just playing around

Just for fun I decided to sit down for a little while and just "play" with PSP.

My goal wasn't to make icons to enter into icontests, my intention wasn't to make anything really spectacular or brilliant, but to just play. I wanted to see how fiddling with textures, brushes, layers and such would affect the image.

I honestly had such a good time!

I learned that if you take an icon that's primarily "blue", with the proper setting, you can achieve the "selective color" look. It's not perfect, but interesting.

Granted, I'd read about this before, but to see it happen was really interesting!

Here's the first one I made.

This is Mara from "Ah! My Goddess!"

As you can see, not anything great or special. Perhaps to dark? After I put the light layer in, I realized it doesn't work so well, but I didn't feel like editing it all back out again. So I left it.

The second one I did was Mara also:

This one involves two different textures as layers. I also realized that I like "Overlay", "Dodge" and "Burn" in my tutorials. "Soft Light" can also be awesome too.

And it was this icon that really drove home to me how much a simple blue layer can make a blue-toned icon "pop".

Belldandy Icon

Here's the base I used

And with 1 layer and a dotted border, here's what the end result was:

WHOA! I LOVE how the colors pop!

Decided to add text, but I think it detracts more than it adds *blah*:

So then I did a Belldandy and Keichi icon. The text isn't set up how I wanted (if I can find an example I'll post it), but I guess it'll do. I wasn't out for perfection!

3 light textures and 1 gradient and 1 flood fill layer later, I got this:

Of course, it's missing something, so I did this:

(It's a white background with a simple 4 pixel blue border onto which I pasted the image)

I also learned with text is really does help to bring it out if you dupliate the layer you put your text on a couple of times.

Fun! :) And oddly relaxing in it's way.
Tags: ah my goddess, bellydandy, icon, icons, mara, playing around
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