diamondraindrop (diamondraindrop) wrote,

Dreamoftomarrow Week 87 Challenge

Week 87 was kirin76's first mod duty, and it was another challenge!! It was a stumper, that's for sure (I find it easier for me when I get an image challenge so I'm not wracking my brainbox for an image to mesh with a quote...I suck at that!).

And, it was indeed a challenge; a Quote challenge that is!!

The quote:
"What have you done to me?"

We had to use ALL the words, but were permitted to omit the question mark if we desired.

Small turn out (people getting busy with life I think, especially with school and summer coming!), and we were permitted up to 3 entries.

I kinda stacked the deck accidentally. :|

My entries:

First: 0 Second: 1 Third: 0
Total votes: 1 Weighted Score: 2

First: 2 Second: 1 Third: 3
Total votes: 6 Weighted Score: 11

First: 1 Second: 1 Third: 3
Total votes: 5 Weighted Score: 8

Tied second place with kirin76's icons (her icons are always freakin' brilliant!)

Took third.

Took Mod's Choice (like I said, stacked deck.)

That was a challenge of a challenge!! OY!! :)

Tags: dreamoftomarrow, icontest, the last unicorn, tlu, week 87
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