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Dreamoftomarrow Week 95 Challenge

Week 95 was a FANTASTIC challenge! I dove into it with a fervor because it was so great. Kudos to the mod who came up with it! I LOVE it!!

Anyway, what's all the fuss?

It was a Theme Challenge, but here's what the fuss was all about:
This week's Theme:
Multiple Icon Sets: Moods

Here's how this is going to work. Your mission: Create 2-5 icons of the same character from the movie featuring different moods. So if you decide to do a Schmendrick set, all the icons (up to 5) would have him on them somehow, each with a different feeling, i.e. happy, sad, confused, drunk, silly.

* You can choose from the following characters: Amalthea
* The Unicorn
* Ruhk
* Mommy Fortuna
* Prince Lir
* King Haggard
* The Skull
* The Bull
* The Cat
* Molly Grue
* Captian Cully
* Schmendrick
* The Butterfly
* The Tree

Man, I had a BLAST doing this challenge! Granted, it was a bunch of icons to put together, but I really enjoyed it.

So, here were my entries:
(Schmendrick Mood Set)

First: 0 Second: 2 Third: 0
Total votes: 2 Weighted Score: 4

(The Unicorn Mood Set)

First: 5 Second: 0 Third: 0
Total votes: 5 Weighted Score: 15

I will say that it was with these mood sets I ~finally~ mentally put together how to lighten up the "banner" beneath text so you could see what was beneath it instead of it being solid.

Why yes, I am a slow learner, why do you ask? ;)

I was also afraid someone was going to mention that I had done some other icons which closely resembled one in the Unicorn set.

Here's the "old" icons I did:

And, of course, the "new" one:

I did a total re-make of it and didn't realize I'd done one so similiar.

Anyway...the end result is a kickass banner! Honestly, this is a cool banner!

Tags: dreamoftomarrow, icontest, the last unicorn, tlu, week 95
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