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Dreamoftomarrow Week 93 Challenge

Week 93 was another interesting Theme Challenge, with the theme being "Cards". From your regular deck of playing cards to the Tarot, anything went.

Seemed so easy. It was so damn hard!

First off, I'm going to share my favorites, because DAYAMN, they're just that bloody good!

were done by kirin76

I just really liked "The Joker" one-the colors and everything? And "The Magician" because it's shaped more like a Tarot card than an icon (why didn't I think of that? DURH!)

However, pegasi1978 earned it all hands down!

Check out her awesome iconage!

Took 2nd Took 3rd Took 1st

Her "Tower" one is my favorite one of them all! Which, of course, would explain why it won! It's damn awesome!

I didn't envy the mod having to try and pick between them...so I was shocked that one of mine got mod's choice; I honestly would have picked "The Tower" since it's so sublime in many ways!

Anyway, here we go:

First: 0 Second: 1 Third: 0
Total votes: 1 Weighted Score: 2

First: 0 Second: 0 Third: 0
Total votes: 0 Weighted Score: 0

First: 0 Second: 0 Third: 1
Total votes: 1 Weighted Score: 1

Took Mod's Choice. I still say "The Tower" should have-it was the best one! But, I won't complain to much either. :) It was an all around good challenge!
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