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Dreamoftomarrow Week 83 Challenge

Week 83 was a super-huge mega-challenge, like WHOA!!

We had an Image Challenge based on this image.

We had a Quote Challenge, with the quote being:
strange white beast

AND THEN (!!) we had a Theme Challenge, with the theme being:
pearly white

My entries for the Image Challenge:

First: 2 Second: 1 Third: 2
Total votes: 5 Weighted Score: 10

First: 0 Second: 2 Third: 1
Total votes: 3 Weighted Score: 5

First: 0 Second: 1 Third: 2
Total votes: 3 Weighted Score: 4

My entries for the Quote Challenge:

First: 3 Second: 1 Third: 2
Total votes: 6 Weighted Score: 13

First: 0 Second: 1 Third: 1
Total votes: 2 Weighted Score: 3

First: 0 Second: 1 Third: 0
Total votes: 1 Weighted Score: 2

My entry for the Theme Challenge:

Total votes: 5

Truth be told, not many people entered, and I entered so many icons, I won a few by default because my votes had to be thrown out :|

However, here's my banners :) Pretttttty!!!

I got Third place with the Image Challenge:

I got Second place with the Quote Challenge:

And I won the Theme Challenge:

Ended up with a bunch of variations on the theme for ones I didn't enter, and one I tried and tried and tried to make work, but alas, it didn't. You'll see the efforts though, and my final decision was to just leave it alone and put no text on it.

Here's the culls:

(the blank)

(the blank...egads how I hate how Amalthea turned out..blurrrrrrry!!!)

(the blank, and I think it's better off with no text at all)
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