diamondraindrop (diamondraindrop) wrote,

Dreamoftomarrow Week 79 Challenge

Week 79's Theme Challenge was "Dirty", open to interpretation...the one which won was hysterically funny:

(done by layla_black)

I'm not creative enough for those I think, but these were mine tossed into the ring. Not really good, and the Molly ones and the ones of Captain Cully's band were lines I culled from the book.

First: 0 Second: 1 Third: 0
Total votes: 1 Weighted Score: 2

First: 0 Second: 3 Third: 0
Total votes: 3 Weighted Score: 6

First: 0 Second: 2 Third: 1
Total votes: 3 Weighted Score: 5

And my unused one:
Tags: dreamoftomarrow, icontest, the last unicorn, tlu, week 79
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