diamondraindrop (diamondraindrop) wrote,

Dreamoftomarrow Week 77 Challenge

We had a Theme Challenge this week :)

The theme, due to the new release of TLU on DVD was "censored", since, dagnabit, they removed "2 damns and a hell" from the re-release.

My entries:

First: 1 Second: 0 Third: 1
Total votes: 2 Weighted Score: 4

First: 2 Second: 0 Third: 1
Total votes: 3 Weighted Score: 7
**tied for third, but, as I forgot to vote, I don't think it really counts cause that's not fair!**

First: 0 Second: 0 Third: 0
Total votes: 0 Weighted Score: 0

I did others, but, realized (of course) to late that I should have changed my first entry to read something else. OH well. :p

Here were my "castoffs":

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